Physical Security

Advisory Services:

We provide advisory services on client information requirements on security issues and provide tailored reports to accommodate our clients and their needs. Whether the assessments are needed on a daily, weekly or quarterly basis, we offer the ability to create styles to suit, when, how and where our clients need to be informed.

Manned Security:

We offer highly trained individuals as a one man security guard or as a team meeting our clients requirements.

Corporate Security:

Our services are also open to private sectors companies, banks, law- firms and other agencies with a security team to resolve business related security issues.

Commercial Security:

We provide services to commercial units, from providing security guards to up to date equipment including updates on the latest security related equipment that would best match our client's needs.

VIP/ Executive-Close Protection Services

We offer highly experienced close protection officers or bodyguards to corporate, entertainment and VIP clients to minimize the risk and keep our clients safe in any given situation.


From a one man operation to a team, we can provide transportation to our high end clients who require special arrangements to be transported in any part of Pakistan.