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We offer a wide range of security advisory services through analysis of political, social, technological, environmental and security and risk related issues.

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What is RhumbLine?

A RhumbLine is the path of shortest distance between two points on the surface of the earth with non-constant bearings. The old French name for a line on the chart that intersects all meridians at a same angle. Over the Earth's surface it is used for plotting the course and is an equiangular spiral whose center is the desired destination. On a plane surface this would be the shortest distance between two points an objective that signifies our charter of presenting simplified and optimized solutions to complex issues.

What We Do

We at RhumbLine draw innovativeness of accomplishing solutions using optimized options to provide security consultancy, practical advice and solutions to clients considering the security situation with in the territory of Pakistan.

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The list of available Services

RhumbLine provides consultancy and advice across the security spectrum to support strategic goals. We have basic values of proportionality, integrity that are closely supported by detailed research, conducted by our screening teams which gives us a proven track record of top of the line security solutions. We are uniquely well positioned to provide best in class services for all stages of the project life cycle. These include definition of functional scope and technical specifications, deployment and implementation, training and support. Our portfolio of products and services include: